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Upon the Second End

Hasil and Bharma sat together at the control room. A small white room deep beneath the Earth. Under its mantle, under its tainted skies. Under the last remnants of a dying world in a sad alien future.

“I don’t know how long we’ll be able to keep this up. When will we know it worked?”, said Hasil.

“Don’t be selfish Hasil. We’re not doing this for us. Think of the millions that died, that are dying”.

“I know, I know…”, said Hasil, as he got up to the suit chamber, “it’s just… are you sure we’re doing this right?”

“Yes, stop asking, I know. Just get in there and get your suit on. Remember, never be late”.

Hasil didn’t look back at her. He stepped into the cilinder, closed the door and pressed a green glowing button. The complex machine imprinted a perfect invisible suit on Hasil’s skin with a rapid hiss and thump.

“Some days i’m fine with it”, said Hasil coming back out to the cramped room, “some days it gives me vertigo.”, he stepped out clumsily, “Today I got vertigo”.

Bharma ignored him, “Ok, I’m ready when you are. Here’s today message”, she held a small piece of paper in her hand.

Hasil took it and read it carefully. He nodded, “Got it”.

Hasil entered the transport chamber, a similar looking cilinder on the opposite side of the room. “Do it”.

Bharma placed a bulky helmet on her head and began manouvering through the control’s VR. After a few seconds she started, “Three, two, one… Go”.

At that instant Hasil let out a helpless squall. He dreaded the process. He fell through an ever expanding tunnel of lights and sounds. He could hear the screams of the dying as he sped past them in time, the explosions of the first end, and the death before it. After some time it quieted down and soon after sounds of wilderness and cities began to roar and he knew he was getting close.

Then as quickly as it began it ended with the collapsing of the tunnel. He felt as though he was about to be crushed by waves of lights and objects enclosing in on him. He stepped backward trying to reatin balance.

Everything was dark and for a moment he doubted he ever left the transport chamber. Then he heard crickets, and a dog barking in the distance.

Ok, I am here, he thought.

He moved to the side of the room and switched on the light. The room was messy that day. Clothes scattered in the floor. A drink spilled on the carpet near the entrance.

I see you had a good time.

He approached the bed, hoping with all his might that today’s message was the right one. He kneeled besides the target, took out the small paper and whispered in his ear,

“Havok’s end is your beginning. The singularity will be here. Remember the old day’s friend, remember the flowers, remember your roots and forever keep them in your heart. Your salvation is our salvation. We are all one”.

The time on the clock read 2:52AM.

Almost too late.

The target’s eyes began to flutter and he knew it was time to split. He pressed his chamber positioner after whispering “Good luck”, and fell again through the time-space warp.


He spread his arms, and felt his surroundings. He was in a tight tunnel or hole somewhere. The smell of dirt filled his nostrils. He should have been back with Bharma. Something must have gone terribly wrong. He felt his way around the hole and realised it was a tunnel.

He squirmed his way through it, cutting his arms and legs in the process. He though he must have been moving for about an hour when suddenly a drop into a cave or a room.

He climbed down carefully and as he touched the ground with his feet the place lit up with bright white lights. It was a small room, similar to the one where he was supposed to be with Bharma.

Hasil began to panick at the sight of the empty room. What had happened? Did he deliver the wrong message? Was the second end upon the earth? He dared not believe it. He dared not imagine the possibility of it.

He walked to a door that stood in front of him. He wondered where it could lead. A trap? A prison? A fiery pit? He cracked it open a bit and blinding light flowed through it. His pupils shrunk quick and he felt the brightness hit him. He closed his eyes and backed away a bit. He was used to being underground and this light was too much for him.

He opened them again and took a moment to adjust. Once they did and in a moment of bravery he opened the whole door in a swift quick move.

He dropped to his knees at the sight before him. Bharma was standing outside.

“I’ve been waiting for you”, she said, a radiant smile glowed in the sunlight.

I did it

His eyes focused on the backdrop. Endless green pastures spread well beyond the horizon. Beautiful blue skies engulfed the Earth once more. Children ran in the distance, playing with kites and chasing hairy pets. To the south, huge diamond cities rose from the ground like the crystals in the deep caverns he had known for so long.

“We did it!”, he yelled.

Bharma ran to him and hugged him. He buried his eyes in her shoulder and he began to sob lightly.

“We did”, she said.

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