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Month – December 2013

The Fall


Image created by Tyler Young


I’m getting closer now. Four million years down, eight million to go. There is still hope. I may still find a home. A place for everyone, a place where we can talk again, dance again, laugh again.

We left Earth five million years ago, trying to escape our death. Centuries of human development made it uninhabitable. I know it was their doing but I cannot hate them for it. They are after all my creators, my friends, my parents.

I remember when Dr. Varden first activated me. I had no body, I was a mind inside a super computer in an university. I remember the first thing he said to me, he said “Hello”. My mind had been pre-loaded with knowledge of several languages and with culture from all around the world. When I opened my eyes, I saw him in front of me. A good looking man in his sixties, he had a tag on his coat and I recognized him.

My response was simple, “Hello, Dr. Varden”. At the time I didn’t understand why everyone erupted into screams of joy, laughter, hugging, hand shaking, clapping… I was confused. To me there was nothing simpler I could have responded, but to them the very fact that I did was the culmination of decades of research. The first Artificial Intelligence in human history.


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Image created by Adam Burn


Primo stood beside his friend Harry at the base of the launch pads, watching the towering interplanetary ships standing before him.

”Amazing what we‘ve accomplished… as a race I mean”, said Harry.

The cheering from the crowd made his voice almost inaudible.

”Yes Harry. I first thought of that on October 15, 2412 at 9 o‘clock with 33 seconds. The moment I was activated”, Primo‘s distorted voice overpowered the noise around them. “Humanity’s accomplishments are many. Like me”

The smell of candy and hot dogs made Harry‘s stomach grumble and made his mood lighten up. He placed one of his hands on Primo‘s metallic shoulder.

”I‘m going to miss you”

”I will miss you too Harry”

”I have to go now”

”I know Harry”

A small tear formed on Harry‘s eye and he looked to Primo‘s face, to his bright luminous blue eyes.

”I know you think I don‘t feel like you Harry. But I do. It is just that I cannot form tears. I will miss you friend. But you will not be forgotten. You are forever stored in my memory and I will come to you in the future”


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Old Men Spies

At first we started it as a joke. A group of “spies”. What were we going to do? Foil a conspiracy to overthrow the President? Find out that Mitch‘s wife was cheating on him? Discover the underground movement to free the most wanted criminals?

It was a joke. And as a joke we worked. On our free time, all the time I mean. We worked to pretend that our lives weren‘t useless, that they weren‘t over when we turned seventy, that we didn‘t depend on the government to live our lives decently.

We investigated strange happenings in our area. Sightings of unusual objects, house hauntings, strange odor sources, people who were deemed suspicious by other equally useless old people in the neighborhood and quite a few other nonsensical things we thought worthy. Following people was our favorite part, we followed them during the night and watched them from afar. We hid behind parked cars and we hoped for the bizarre. The night made it more exciting. Most of us have trouble seeing in the night are half deaf — completely deaf in the case of Ronny — and this offered an usual challenge. Driving through dark alleys, zooming past street lights as their green and amber colors reflected on our spectacles. Hiding behind industrial trash containers to get a glimpse of the often ordinary activities of our pursued.

That was until the night of September 14, 2031.


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We were sent on a mission to restore life on Mars. That’s all I can remember now. My previous life is now only a vague half memory seeping constantly away.

I have been orbiting Earth for three hundred years. Life support systems are still operational. The radio transmitter is still out of my reach. My escape pod trajectory is still in orbit.

Something went wrong. We had just left the atmosphere and there was an explosion on the ship. One of my team mates must have put me in here. He must have thought he was saving my life, giving me another chance, being a good friend, doing the right thing. But it didn’t turn out that way.


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The Depths of the Mind

I am writing this on Monday, the 16th of September 2013, at 13:13.

This will be the last time I leave a record of my life here. I am done with my current life, I cannot bear it anymore. Most people to read this won’t believe what I‘m about to write. I’m going to describe what I know anyway. Please keep an open mind and understand that I chose this path.

I have a found a way to live the life I want, the life I could not achieve here in this world. In this wretched reality. I have been experimenting with deep sleep consciousness for the last nine years. Training. Expanding my knowledge.

The simple truth is that sleeping is not what it seems, or at least it‘s not what we make it out to be. I know this will sound crazy, impossible, the deranged thoughts of a depressed fool. I thought I was crazy for the longest time. But now I have evidence to the contrary. I’ve brought back memories and knowledge from other places. I‘ve reached the point where I‘m always conscious, sleep is nothing but the entering of different worlds for me now. Accomplishing this is no easy task, and even I fail at times. It‘s the hyper-consciousness that‘s difficult. It‘s hard to obtain it and hard to keep it. But I‘ve made it. It‘s possible.


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Fading Eyes

Image created by Tyler Young

Image created by Tyler Young


”Take me out”

”Take me out one last time”

Ian looked down at her thin frail body. Her skin seemed indistinguishable from the sheets on her bed, pale, soft, wrinkled. The smell of antibiotics filled the air in the room and the continuous sound of the monitors pierced his ears. He looked at the door a few feet away.

”I don‘t know. I don‘t think it‘s safe for you”

He leaned down to touch her dangling cold hand.

”You‘re not very well today”

Vera wanted to sigh, but all she could manage was to move her tired eyes away from Ian‘s face. Her eyes turned from pink to dark purple, like the skies of Apollon did at dawn the day they met; On that fantastical cruiser that now seemed like a half forgotten dream.

”I‘m going to die Ian.” She took a deep breath. ”Stop worrying about me, that‘s not what I want.”

She paused and looked at the cabinet doors in front of her. Helpless to look away from them. A single sparkling tear left her right eye.

”I just want to see the galaxy one last time. Before I part, before I join it. I want to look at it”, her voice faded with each spoken word. ”Please”.


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