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The Last Hot Shower

It finally ran out, and I don’t know what to do.

I’m stranded on this forsaken planet waiting for someone to look for me, waiting for someone to notice that I’m gone.

I left my world in search for water. I wanted to bring back hope for my people, but who am I kidding, they never were mine. I had no family, not many friends and no pets to take care of, so I volunteered. I wanted to do the “right” thing. I was following the map to the water asteroids when a small rock pierced my ship and now I’m here, staring at the endless yellow desert. It seems so like home, I keep expecting to see small plants growing by a rock, a lizard running away in search of little bugs, a spiderweb on the doorway above, but there is no life. No life except for mine.

I have been living off of the cargo I was taking home and the food that I brought. Eating once a day, drinking a glass of water once every eight hours, hoping that every day is the last, hoping that each morning I’ll be woken up by the worried faces of a rescue team. No such luck.

We humans think too much of ourselves. Yeah we can go into the sky and cross the blue boundary into the black space that engulfs us, we can talk to each other without being in the same place, we have the knowledge of the world in our minds, we only need be connected. So what happens when we’re not?

This happens, we see ourselves for what we really are. Animals. I see now that the many accomplishments of humanity are not mine, I only live in them. Last night the batteries on my ship ran out, and I took my last hot shower, my last remnant of civilization, and I’m left to ponder… what are my accomplishments? Why should I be allowed to live another day?

Who knows…

I don’t.

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