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The Depths of the Mind

I am writing this on Monday, the 16th of September 2013, at 13:13.

This will be the last time I leave a record of my life here. I am done with my current life, I cannot bear it anymore. Most people to read this won’t believe what I‘m about to write. I’m going to describe what I know anyway. Please keep an open mind and understand that I chose this path.

I have a found a way to live the life I want, the life I could not achieve here in this world. In this wretched reality. I have been experimenting with deep sleep consciousness for the last nine years. Training. Expanding my knowledge.

The simple truth is that sleeping is not what it seems, or at least it‘s not what we make it out to be. I know this will sound crazy, impossible, the deranged thoughts of a depressed fool. I thought I was crazy for the longest time. But now I have evidence to the contrary. I’ve brought back memories and knowledge from other places. I‘ve reached the point where I‘m always conscious, sleep is nothing but the entering of different worlds for me now. Accomplishing this is no easy task, and even I fail at times. It‘s the hyper-consciousness that‘s difficult. It‘s hard to obtain it and hard to keep it. But I‘ve made it. It‘s possible.

Time is different there. Everything takes longer. So I’ll explain as best as I can how to accomplish this. First you need a timer, of course no physical timer will do. You need to train your mind to construct a ’virtual‘ timer. Something unique that will help you keep the time. This takes practice, it can be anything. A simple ticker, a electronic masterpiece. Whatever suits you best. Once you have it, you must wait exactly six hours and forty two seconds. At this time your mind will open up to your subconscious. You will be able to explore it and learn hidden things about yourself, about your other selves, feel free to explore it. Don’t get lost in it, it’s difficult to come back.

But your mind is not the only thing that opens up though. You will know it when you see it. Bright doors or portals in distance, maybe archways or caves. These are the entrances into the other realities. There are too many to be counted, once you see one you will begin to see them all. In hidden places, above and below you. Thousands, maybe millions. And in each one you will find another version of your life, of your self. Some of those are overly separate from our current reality and you may be find yourself in shock when you enter them. Please be aware that they are not like other countries, or other cultures; Some realities are so vastly different that you may feel the way a bacteria does here, or maybe feel the way a star does. Illuminating the cosmos.

I’ve seen some horrible things, in realities where hell and Earth are one. The place where nightmares come from, it‘s real. Almost anyone can glimpse this realm, but existing in it… I have no words to describe the horror. But I have also seen unimaginable beauty. Liquid diamond oceans, ivory cities, places where there is no darkness, where only good exists…

I’m leaving today for one such place.

I met Vera there. I fell in love with her. She is everything to me. She doesn’t understand where I come from, but she doesn’t need to. Soon I’ll be with her forever.

I want to say thank you to all the people in my life here who made me the person I am today. I say goodbye to you. Don’t miss me, don’t feel sorry for me, I’ll be happier.

I’ll be happy.

Thank you, and Goodbye.

“This letter was found next to his bed when we found him this morning”, A police officer sipped from his cup of coffee. “Do you know what’s wrong with him?”

“Not really, he seems to be in a catatonic state, we‘ll have to run some tests on him. No family right?”.

”Not from what I know, I‘ll have to look into that to make sure”

Both men carried the drooling man in a wheelchair and into the ambulance.

“Alright well, good luck and thank you for your time”.

The doctor entered the ambulance and closed its doors.

“Where’ve you gone buddy?”, he asked the man who stared out of the emptiness of his mind.

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