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Squid From Outer Space

The sea soldiers’ 7th platoon was getting ready to take back the west coast. The squid from space had overrun most of the beaches, they knew they were strategic positions.

The great white breeding program began almost as soon as they invaded our oceans. There is currently one shark for every ten human beings. The fight is fierce. Most were released into the wild to fend off the invaders, but some were augmented with enhanced vision and laser weaponry; these were for the military.

“Get your sharks ready boys!”, General Koom shouted at the microphone.

In the distance thousands of squid-like beings jumped in and out of the water, they swam in circles and screamed in a horrible alien language. Apparently the squids were as enthusiastic about this fight as the men on the ship.

The men readied their transport and assault sharks, lasers were embedded into the sharks’ brains to fire upon seeing an enemy, and they strapped themselves to the sharks with their own embedded weapons.

“Let’s show these tentacled shitfaces what it means to swim in our oceans!”

General Koom looked into the distance.


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