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More Than Human

I used to be human, I don’t miss it, I know what I would have become had I chosen otherwise.

The humans know no limits. Their greed is infinite, their hunger for control insatiable.

The war with them has been going strong for three decades. We have taken refuge in the northen lands, near the north pole where they cannot survive.

It started like everything else, with good intentions. The idea was that people would choose to be immortal in a frail human body, replacing decaying parts with new ones every few years, or choose to have their minds transferred to an artificial body. Our bodies are better, our minds faster, our morals higher. But we are low in numbers and we must defend ourselves against our ignorant ancestors.

But this is only temporary. We know this is a losing war. Each year we are closer to extinction. At least, that’s what we want them to think. I’m sorry that these are the words that welcome you to life. I’m telling you this because I sense our time here is coming to an end. You must go north, to the place in which every direction is south. There you will find a way into the Earth. There we will thrive hidden from these monsters, and there we’ll remain until our forces have grown.

You will lead our future army back into the world. You will lead our people to freedom and to light once again.

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