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I had been aboard the Skylight for months, I had travelled countless light years. We were on our way down to their planet to finally meet the leader of our unexpected benefactors.

Their planet we called The Aurora. Its atmosphere and magnetic field interacted with the winds from their star in such a manner that their whole sky was constantly shifting through the spectrum of light, creating beautiful rays of extraordinary colors.

I was on my way down from the Skylight, in and individual capsule, 5000 km above their surface. The colorful and bright planet contrasted with the black backdrop of space, the surface was green, brown and blue. In the silence, and stillness of space, it was overwhelming.

I was there only once, to thank the Aurora people for their help against the wretched creatures from planet HQ-733901. But sometimes, I still dream of the time I went down. If only everyone could be so lucky.

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