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From the Depths of Space

Nate and Isiah where sitting in an 19th century styled bar sipping at their drinks, glancing over their shoulders at the shadows.

“I know what it is”, said Nate, his tired face seemed pasted on his head, “I know what they are”.

“Well tell me then, I haven’t been able to sleep well in days. They keep telling me it’s in my head. I don’t know what to think anymore. Maybe I should just kill myself and be done with it”, said Isiah, his eyes red and watery. He took another trembling drink from his crimson beer.

“I know everyone thinks that incident on the asteroid belt was a harmless accident. I thought it too for a while, but I’ve come to know the truth.”, he whispered.

Nate paused and looked around for moving shadows. People in the bar talked and laughed. A waitress walked by them smelling of a powerful rose perfume, especially noticeable against the stank of cigarette smoke.

“Can I get you anything else?”, she asked.

“No”, said Nate gesturing to the waitress to go away with his hand.

“So? Whats the truth?”, asked Isiah, moving closer to the table, intent on hearing the as of yet unspoken words of his friend.

“I caught one of them”, he said in a voice so soft, Isiah wasn’t sure he had said anything at all. Nate glanced around him again, his teeth grinding against each other.

“What? Are you fucking serious?”

“They’re real man. That shit was no accident. It was like a doorway, they came from there. From the depths of space.”, Nate’s red eyes began to tear up.

Isiah suddenly froze. The expression on his face turned to that of a horrified old man. His stiff hands trembled.

“There’s one behind you”.

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