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For Rent

I was short on money. I thought I needed things more than I need myself. There was rent to pay, fuel to buy for my space pod, places to visit out there in the universe. It always seemed like it was never enough. I had to see the binary star system on orion explode with my own eyes, I had to fly through the Lion nebula. I had to reach the unreachable. So I decided.. why not?

First I entered a contract for 10% of my living time in exchange for cash. The mind of the long dead pilot entered mine and I watched as he lived through my body. I got to know his wife and his kids, watching from the inside of my mind. It’s a strange feeling seeing someone else live out their life through their own eyes. And still I thought I didn’t have enough.

I dont know how I got here. My mind is now rented 95% of the time. It won’t be another ten years before I get it back, and only now do I realise it was not worth it.

I thought having more money would be the answer to the void I felt. But oh how wrong I was. I can see now, through the eyes of different people how I’ve been living my life in the wrong ways. Wanting to see things out there in the galaxy, wanting to find an answer deep beneath the ocean, wanting to fill this void with things.

These people in my mind never care for such things, instead they visit loved ones. Talk to them, play with them, connect with them.

Now all I have time for is to write on this diary for a few minutes every day, yearning the time when my mind will be mine once again; Now all I can do is watch as the years go by inside the prison that is my mind as another person lives their life and I’m forgotten in mine.

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