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Back in my day

Back in my day people were free to walk the Earth. Yeah… just like that. You could at any point in time stand up, stop what you were doing and walk outside, you could walk until your legs would burn, and then you could go on for a little while more.

You could get together with anyone from any part of the world and have chat in a cafe, and I’m not talking about those virtual things we have right now, no. If you had enough money and if you were willing to, you could travel the world in vehicles. They were like space ships, except they didn’t go to space, they simply went to other parts of the world, crazy right? And when you travelled the world you could go up to someone over there and say “Hey”, and they’d say “Hey” back, and then you could go talk in person for as long as you wanted, it didn’t matter if day turned to night or if it started raining. You could look into their eyes and see their emotions, you could hear their voices vibrate through the air and reach your eardrums, savoring every intonation.

And if that seems extravagant let me you this, you could take a vacation and go spend time in forests. That’s right forests. Anywhere really. You could go to jungles, oceans, mountains, beaches, caves and even the sky. There were no limits, our only limit was ourselves… and money of course, but still… Imagine that… It was great.

Now all we do is live our lives in these spheres. In these microworlds, isolated from the outside, isolated from the others. They say it’s for our protection, but you know? I’ve been thinking about that and I’m almost certain that’s not the case. They are protecting the world from us. I’m sure far away, beyond those dunes in the horizon there are places where the world thrives, where animals sing and run, where fish swim and birds soar through the skies breathing the freshest of airs. Oh how I wish I could breathe those winds. How I wish I could swim through those oceans… just like back in my day…

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