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I’ve chosen to die here because it is the place I love the most. On top of the Herbarium Project superbuilding looking at the vastness of the world so few people have a chance to see.

I’ve seen pictures of the world before teleportation, people would walk and drive through “streets”, some would take hikes to mountain tops and a few would live their lives alone in small houses in the middle of great forests.

But that is gone now. I find no beauty in this world where everything is covered by towers of concrete and metal. I can only travel now from room to room. It doesn’t matter if I’m going to the other side of the world, all I see is a different room. Distance is no longer anything meaningful. Construction workers have it best I think, as their job requires them to see the sky and the horizon every day. The Sun.

I will for once experience real wind flowing against my face as I jump into the chasm before me. I will fly, and I will be happy.


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