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On The Dark Moon

Humans have not always lived here, near the bright center of the milky way, where the light of our stars keep the darkness away, where the light reaches all the corners of our life.

Have you seen total darkness? No, you have only seen shadows. You cannot imagine it, you cannot perceive it, and we work hard to maintain it. There are stories from our distant past, from our long gone parents, of the things out there that lurk in the voids between the stars, in the places that light has never touched.


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The War Begins

I came here for the first time 55 years ago. They were extroardinary times. An Earth-like planet had beed discovered and my team and I were sent to explore it.

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my days. Crossing the strange jungles, examining the new species, bathing in the rivers and the light of our new sun. It’s what I was born to do.

I hadn’t, until a few days ago, figured out why they had sent such a small team. It was me and my ten men crew exploring the vast valleys of the new world. I didn’t complain, it’s what Iiked, it’s why we signed up. Free to be the pioneers of humanity, free to climb the mountains and watch from their peaks the vast expanses of new lands before us.


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Baby Powder

You know what everyone has? Babies. Yeah, that’s something the rich can’t take from the rest. Everyone has the right to have a family, to have kids and raise them, to see them grow, to love…

I don’t know how it came to this, but I’m sure it had something to do with creating a second floor on this metropolis. Now we rot in the catacombs, now the rich bathe in the sun, now we crave the credits. The credits give us what they have, if only for a little while. A trip up the kilometer elevator, towards the green streets and blue skies, towards the feeling that things can be better.

It’s just that though, a feeling. It’s an illusion maintained to keep us where we are without raising a finger. They are exterminating us, taking our kids, taking our babies.

There’s a factory behind my home. Every day I hear them screaming. It’s not the babies, they’re too weak to scream. It’s the mothers. It’s the fathers. They scream because they thought they needed the creds, they scream because they know they don’t, they scream because they’ve given up that which matters most. Family. Survival. All for a glimpse of the people in the perfume advertisements, all for a touch of the lives of the people up the elevator.

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The Ghosts of Jonestown

Jonestown is a place that existed between the city of Helena and the gold mine. I’ve worked at the mine for several years, and sometimes, when I feel I need to clear my head, or think about the things that happen in my life, I walk.

It’s a good walk, a good distance from my home in the outskirts of the city. It takes me a good four hours. The path takes me through Jonestown, I know it well by now. I don’t worry much of vagrants or robbers or drug addicts, the ghosts keep them away.


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The Day of the Dead


At the top of one of the several hundred blue mountains that rose from the ground in that distant planet, under a night of stars and dreams, above a sleeping city, a conversation began to take place.

“Do you know what day it is?” A man of silver skin and shining eyes asked without turning.

“No…” A young mind answered, one which had been born into an eternal body, ignorant of the millennia that preceded him, without thinking much on the questions he was hearing.

“Today is the day we remember the dead.” The voice of the prehistoric man explained, his voice resonating in the valleys between the mountains.


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The Stars Are Gone

We sailed away many days ago. It’s strange because sometimes I forget what I did the day before, or sometimes I forget why I walked into a room. The everyday memories of our travels are fleeting. Our actions routinary, but I will never forget the day we left, no matter how far away that day is from my present.

I remember walking to our vessel. Thousands upon thousands of people watched us from afar, from a safe distance. It looked like a sea, and they roared like one too. The many voices of the people I belong to echoed through the valley as one, like the waves of an ocean hitting the shore at dawn. *It was dawn*. The dawn of a new era, and there we walked up to the shore, ready to venture out into the open black sea of space.


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The Tale of the Storm

White World

Do you see our white skin? It’s not the color we are born with. It’s a color that’s given to us. Once the young ones shed their birth color, they are ready for the hunt.

So you want to hear the tale? Is this why you’re here? They tell me you came from the sky, but I don’t believe them. That’s okay. They are young still. Gullible. There’s plenty explanations for that. Maybe you were raised inside a cave, maybe you’re afraid to be outside, it doesn’t matter. You’re not my enemy, so I am not your enemy. I will tell you the tale, but you will do something for me. It’s just a small thing, it’s nothing you can’t do. Once I’m done I will tell you what it is, and you will do it. The guards will not let you leave if you don’t, so I ask… Do you want to hear the tale?



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Going Away

In the darkness of her bedroom, she sat. Listening to the voice of the man on the other end, listening to the voice she had known for many years, saying what people say when they don’t know how to say goodbye.

“What will you remember? You know… about us… What will you think of when you’re out there?”

In the corner of a small room, staring out through a small window into the vastness of outer space, towards the blue sphere of Earth, he stood. He wanted a little privacy from the hundred other men who stood around and behind him, and staring out into infinity gave him that sense. Seemingly alone, floating through a black sea.


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The Neptune

Image created by Ginhebi

Image created by Ginhebi

I entered this chamber fifty two years ago. I remember that day in its entirety. My memories before it are sparse, it was a different life, they were different times.

I remember my body. They said it was perfect, I was short, slim, smart. I agreed with them when they told me, but they didn’t know and I didn’t know.

Commander Scone looks at me from the other side of the command center. He stands tall, much taller than I am, and from beneath the iridescent ceiling he produces a smile. The room is empty, the Commander approaches, and I am frozen with excitement at the sight of the man whose voice has briefed me in my missions for so many years. I have seen him before in video, in hologram and images, but never before have I been standing before him. He’s a friend that I cherish, he’s a man I respect, but seeing him and his ship with my own eyes makes my memories seem like a distant dream.


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They Said Humans Would Not Survive

“Do you know what people said back then?”


“They said humans would not survive.”

“Really? Why did they say that?”

“I don’t know. It’s hard to imagine being alive back then. Problems must have seemed insurmountable to them. I suppose they saw their end around every corner, with each new sign of trouble, with each new difficulty.”


“In those times, son, people were not as you and me. Do you see the planets below us, the stars?”


“People had different bodies back then. You know we come from planets, but it’s a little more complicated than that. Back in those days people were born from the ground. They gave birth organically and their bodies were weak and frail, very similar to the living things you see traversing the greenlands of Earth.

They had to worry about energy, most never had enough and lived their lives undernourished, struggling for a smile on their face, working hard for a smile of their children. They had to fend off hazards that happened so often and were so great for them, that it would be as if our galaxy suddenly decided to implode. Their bodies were that different. Each time the clouds rained down, each time the worlds shivered, each time the winds ran across the grounds, they fought and everytime some died, it was a part of life.

As time passed and humans expanded, so did their problems. The end was prophecized many times. Everyone had an end, so why not the entirety of humanity? It was their reality, and it looked like it was their destiny, but humans were different from other animals. They had the capacity, the courage to imagine futures where the end did not come. Futures where the end was staved off and the people of their worlds lived forever, danced together, and smiled and laughed for eternity.”

“Did they make it?”

“What do you think?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, what do we do every cycle?”

“We dance.”

“What do we do when we dance?”

“We smile, and we laugh!”

“When will we end?”


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