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Month – March 2014

Upcoming: The Unusual Property of Stone Alley

Picture taken by Andrew Sullivan

Picture taken by Andrew Sullivan


The hobo must have been crazy, there was nothing out there. Maybe there was a spider, or a dead animal. Maybe that guy just wanted to scare them, or maybe… just maybe…. there was something there. Something that would rattle their notions of existence, of the universe; And maybe, even if they didn’t realize it, they had just had the most important conversation of their lives a few minutes before… drinking a beer, smoking cigarrettes. Was it a coincidence that he noticed the pizza was over at that very second? Was it a coincidence that they walked?

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The Space Adventures of Commander Clarke and Fearless-Galactic: Emergence

Below the thick black clouds of a thunderstorm, under the relentless showers, amidst the lightning and the roaring skies, a hero was born. A courageous personage that would go on to explore the universe, travel the vastest of distances and learn the ways of countless other species; He would go on to defeat the enemies of our allies, end the malaise of a thousand different peoples and uncover the secrets of reality. To think it happened during a boring night, on an unremarkable Tuesday, inside a house much like your own…


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The Man Who Knew Everything

At first I was ecstatic. Every question anyone asked, I knew the answer to. Every question I asked myself, ceased to be a mystery. It was everything I had dreamed of. Knowing it all, everything, unlocking the secrets of the world one at a time.

It started locally. When my parents noticed my ability they began to ask me questions on how to improve their pastry business. Within a year they were the most successful pastry sellers in the world. Bob & Jane’s delicious cupcakes were sold worldwide and they made more money than they ever dreamed of.


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His Second Life

“Come in please,” said the lady in the white coat, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Hi, thank you. Yeah. I’m sure,” Leah said.

She walked through the door into the large hall where a myriad different tools and weapons sat in display.

“They’ll bring him in shortly.”

Leah waited, she wasn’t sure what to expect, she wanted to say a proper goodbye.

“What happened to him?”

“It’s classified,” the lady in white replied, “But it was an accident.”


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Immortal Eidetic

“Are you ready?” asked Cori.

“Umm… well I think we’ve got everything. You?”

“I feel ready,” said Cori, “I’m so excited!”

No! We can’t go yet. Maybe next year Cori. Maybe we’ll go then.

I smiled, “I know! Me too. Okay, well let’s go then.”

Cori walked out of the house and waited for me by the cab that would take us to the airport. The morning sun reflected off her perfectly smooth skin. A more beautiful woman could not exist.

The man inside the cab waited for us as he read a paper, unaware that he would be taking us on a one way trip.

What’s that? Maybe I can punch a hole in one of the tires. Maybe I can kill the cab driver.

“You look radiant!”, I said and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek, “Ladies first.”

Cori entered the cab and I sat next to her. It smelled of a musky pine odor, a freshener too old to be pleasant.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this. Hey!” she leaned forward to talk to the driver, “Did you know we’re going to climb Mount Everest?”

“Really? Wow,” the driver looked at us briefly, “You guys look fit. I could never do something like that. Good luck! Are you ready to go?”

Ummm… no. Sorry, I… I’m not ready, I’m sorry I wasted your time sir. I’ll still pay you for the drive to the airport, but we’re not going.

“Yeah, let’s go.” I said.

No! No. Stop! Sir, we’re not going! Stop the car!

“This is going to be the best,” Cori looked at me from her side of the cab, “We’re never going to forget this. I love you!”

Let’s not go honey. Please. Let’s stay, let’s go inside and cook dinner. Let’s go inside and make love. Let’s go back and forget we ever wanted to do this.

But I could not say those words, and I could not convince her, because she was only a memory. I opened my eyes and found myself laying on a bed of rocks on the scorched Earth that had killed humanity so many millions of years ago. And I shed a tear. And I closed my eyes again.

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Henrino and Fredino

Inside the garbage storage room of the Harriette super-building two faulty androids sat together in the darkness. They waited for the crushers to come in, they waited for their end to come. And in their last instants of consciousness, the two struck up a conversation.

Henrino, the taller of the two sat in a corner with his head hanging from his neck with an embarrassing mess of wires holding it in place. He could move his eyes, but not his head, he could look around, but not walk.

“Please state your name.” Henrino had tried to ask the android next to him his name, but his wrecked vox module could only repeat the same dull phrase.

“Oh, hello… I’m Fredino. What is your name?” Fredino felt a slight tingling of fear in his diodes. Why would another soon-to-die android be so formal about the asking of a simple name?

Henrino listened to the answer of his neighbor. He looked in Fredino’s direction and saw the dim glow of his eyes, a sad yellow color, like two dying suns floating amidst dead space. Henrino was curious as to how Fredino had ended up in that dreadful place, in that living cemetery filled with half-corpses and discarded parts.


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In Space No One Can Hear You Squeak

I was repairing a minor imperfection outside the passenger ship Onyx-4. I had been working as a technician on it for the past four years. It was a normal day on a flight from Mars to Titan. The ship had stopped on Jupiter’s orbit so the passengers could have a nice look at the planet’s storms.

I enjoyed the job. In space everything seems to be in peace. There’s no racket of vehicles, there’s no screaming of people, there’s no deafening noise coming from the engines. It is silent. A silence unlike any other you can find on any surface.

My eyes were fixed on the small crack on the ship’s outer hull, when I was suddenly pushed back by it with tremendous force. The only sound I heard was the ship’s exterior wall hit my helmet. I was immediately pulled back by the tether on my suite and I watched as the ship exploded into a million pieces. Its enormous elongated body had been split into five or six larger parts and people were spilling out from the inside.


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The Secret of the Alien Cave

It was a particularly rainy night on Industrial District 4, lightning struck the Earth permeating the air with a thundering roar. It was my first time going to another planet by myself, it was my first time volunteering for world exploration.

“Hang on to your heels.” said the man in a white coat as he looked at my floating body, “This is going to feel… different.”

I braced myself for the fall. The ground below blurred into a starry night and I watched in awe as I saw the cosmos unfold at my feet.

“I’ll see you in a week.”, the man in the white coat waved at me, and then I fell. I fell through the open chasm and felt the universe pull me to a previously undiscovered sector of the galaxy.

I wanted to scream at the sensation of the ever accelerating fall I had been subjected to, but before I could muster any sound I found myself standing on another world. Grey desert spread out in all directions, a tall mountain rose from the ground behind me and a dark cavern within it exhibited its gaping mouth to me.

The desert seemed endless. I had nowhere else to go, so I walked to the cave. I had to do my duty, I had to explore the planet. But inside it, I found what humanity had given up searching for. I found what we knew didn’t exist.


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The Spheres of the Desert

Image created  by digital-fluids

Image created by digital-fluids


Julek Bohme was standing outside the water purifying plant on the edge of sphere #38. He looked through the thick glass towards the horizon where the sun began to hide behind the dunes of the desert. He didn’t usually think of anything while he looked outside to the sterile world, and it wasn’t odd to see him stand there hours at a time. But on that day his mind wandered through ideas of the world. Julek watched the rays of the sun create spectacular shapes in the sky as its light was reflected and absorbed by the mountains of sand and he couldn’t help but ask himself, What lies beyond those dunes? What lies beyond the desert? What inhabits the rest of our dying world?


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