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Month – May 2013


Naven and Gia waited anxiously in the control room of spaceship Xenesis. They were the last remaining rebels in the fleet. They were the splinter in the fabric of peace and order.

Gia turned to the floor, watching the secret hatch beneath the operating center.

“I’ll be alone Naven”, she said, “Maybe we should just let them convert us both. I don’t want to be without you”.

“Nonsense”, he said, “You’re going in there, and stay put until you’re sure they’ve left the ship… until we’ve left the ship”.

Gia’s eyes sparkled with tears.

They both sat silent and listened. Somewhere in the ship lasers and cutters were working their way to them. The awful screeching sound of the inevitable.

She thought of her life, of the hundreds of years of her existance. She could not grasp how all of that could go away in a second. She felt it impossible for her mind to suddenly become someone else’s, to become foreign in her own body. To be a slave of the advanced dreadful races.


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Free Man

I was born in the 3024. Today’s choice is the first real choice I have ever made.

The times were not fit for liberty, the war with the Julians was at its terrible peak in violence. You probably think right now is pretty bad, but believe me. It was worse.

I was born into the military, none of us had mothers, that wasn’t acceptable. We were born soldiers, raised soldiers, and died soldiers. Well.. I didn’t die. Not yet anyway. They say it’s hard to outlive your children, I never had children, there wasn’t time for that. But I outlived all my friends, my brothers, and I cannot think of anything more difficult than to wake up in the morning and face the harsh reality of being alone.


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Upon the Second End

Hasil and Bharma sat together at the control room. A small white room deep beneath the Earth. Under its mantle, under its tainted skies. Under the last remnants of a dying world in a sad alien future.

“I don’t know how long we’ll be able to keep this up. When will we know it worked?”, said Hasil.

“Don’t be selfish Hasil. We’re not doing this for us. Think of the millions that died, that are dying”.

“I know, I know…”, said Hasil, as he got up to the suit chamber, “it’s just… are you sure we’re doing this right?”

“Yes, stop asking, I know. Just get in there and get your suit on. Remember, never be late”.


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Burning Through the Sky

Wake up.

The darkness in my eyes was impenetrable. The weight of my mind was inmesurable. The silence, perfect.

Wake up!

A rush of adrenaline shot through my body. My eyes burst open, my heart pounded like a angry gorilla. I found myself free falling through the atmosphere of a red planet.

Was I back on Mars?


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The Rusty Safe

The day it happened.. it was about 20 years ago. We were both little kids. None of us had common sense. We loved it.

There was this one time when something interesting happened. We had been hitting bullets with a hammer that day in the corner of the barn, but we saved the last for the best spot. A rusty old safe with no door in the backyard. We decided one of us would hit the bullet from the side and we’d listen to the bullet bounce around inside.

Silly of us.

After playing rock-paper-scissors it was decided that Dan would do the honors. An he did, valiantly.

“You ready?”, he asked as I stood behind the safe.

“Just do it!”, I yelled.

Dan half blindly hit the bullet straight on, but we heard nothing. We both rushed to the opening and saw the bullet casing. It was empty.


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Vices of a Lonely Man

I had been sitting in my quarters watching the roof, counting the number of stains on it. I was supposed to be out in the engine room. The backup cooling system had been acting up lately, and I meant to fix it. I knew it wasn’t urgent, it was after all the backup system.

I closed my eyes thinking of my life back on Earth. Everything seemed so dull here, nothing I did motivated me. Every time I woke up I felt the dread of working, of eating precooked meals, of mingiling with people I didn’t like. I looked forward only to my breaks when I would go to the observatory and watch endless space unfold behind our ship. I’d pretend I looked for my home planet and I’d pretend to be excited when I pretended to find it. A sad reality that one of mine.


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From the Depths of Space

Nate and Isiah where sitting in an 19th century styled bar sipping at their drinks, glancing over their shoulders at the shadows.

“I know what it is”, said Nate, his tired face seemed pasted on his head, “I know what they are”.

“Well tell me then, I haven’t been able to sleep well in days. They keep telling me it’s in my head. I don’t know what to think anymore. Maybe I should just kill myself and be done with it”, said Isiah, his eyes red and watery. He took another trembling drink from his crimson beer.


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Office Conspiracy

It was Dan’s 15 minute break and he was sitting at his desk slacking. His day at the Singularity Research Institute was not going well. So far nobody had told him who he would be assisting and he felt useless just browsing through the internet.

He sighed and accidentally dropped a pen he had been playing with. Oops. He crouched to pick it up. As he did, a man walking by his seat tripped over him.


“Shit! Sorry”, said Ollie.

“It’s a good thing I’m wearing black, or I’d have to go home and change”, said Dan feeling his back.

“Yeah, sorry, what were you doing in the middle of the hallway?”

“Uh… nothing really. I asked Quinn in the morning who I was supposed to assist today but he was busy and he’s just been giving me the run around.”

Ollie looked up to Dan’s computer screen.

Dan laughed, “yeah, I haven’t been doing much”


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Squid From Outer Space

The sea soldiers’ 7th platoon was getting ready to take back the west coast. The squid from space had overrun most of the beaches, they knew they were strategic positions.

The great white breeding program began almost as soon as they invaded our oceans. There is currently one shark for every ten human beings. The fight is fierce. Most were released into the wild to fend off the invaders, but some were augmented with enhanced vision and laser weaponry; these were for the military.

“Get your sharks ready boys!”, General Koom shouted at the microphone.

In the distance thousands of squid-like beings jumped in and out of the water, they swam in circles and screamed in a horrible alien language. Apparently the squids were as enthusiastic about this fight as the men on the ship.

The men readied their transport and assault sharks, lasers were embedded into the sharks’ brains to fire upon seeing an enemy, and they strapped themselves to the sharks with their own embedded weapons.

“Let’s show these tentacled shitfaces what it means to swim in our oceans!”

General Koom looked into the distance.


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